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Posted on: March 24th, 2013
Best Protein Supplement 2011

A Manufactured Protein – Is it a step forward towards the best protein

This site is all about what is the best protein, why use a protein supplement and which is the best protein supplement.

Updates on this site are very rare because there is usually nothing more to say. Enter Today.

I received an interesting email the other day. It was another person asking me to look at “the best protein supplement“, so I looked. But what interesting things I saw:

  • high glutamine content to enhance tissue repair
  • amino acid profile similar to mother milk
  • no toxic chemicals to punch you in the liver
  • all vegan product, from non GMO sources of course
  • and, lactose free

Mine is in the mail.

You can get my current best protein supplement fave – will this series never end – from the guys at, click here for something you gotta try:

The Best Protein Supplement in 2010

Posted on: October 16th, 2010
The Best Protein Supplement in 2010

The Best Protein Supplement in 2010

As a result of this years Supplement Awards the best protein supplement in 2010 is:

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey

I’ve been writing and talking about which is the best protein supplement for about a year now – ever since I realized that the protein we normally get in our diet is insufficient for even modest goals in building muscle.

I have been through numerous ups and downs in my opinions of which is the best protein supplement and I am happy I did because I now KNOW which is the best protein supplement.

If you will look on the site you will see that one of the things I have struggled with was the fact that whey is not a good protein source for blood types A and O (I’m A). I’m not going to go into this here but if you’re curious as to why I believed that just check the videos and articles below this one.

As a consequence of this I looked at a lot of products that were derived from egg in order to get an alternate source of protein that wasn’t detrimental to my health.

That was a loosing battle to say the least.

As I firmly base my thinking in scientific research I couldn’t understand exactly how the science I studied supported the fact that whey is not a good protein source for A’s and O’s (because it leads to digestive troubles and negatively affects the immune system) and at the same time supported the fact that whey protein supplements simply got unbelievable results.

To cut a long story short I got in touch with Will Brink (a bodybuilder who has becomes renowned for his expertise in whey) and he explained to me that the reason whey can harm in its natural form and produce outstanding results in its supplemental form is due to its processing.

You see, the manufacturing process makes or brakes a product – it can eliminate the harmful components of which I knew(lectins) or it can denaturate the protein(ie destroy the product).

As a result of this I ended up looking into which companies got this manufacturing process right.

the best protein supplement ingredient list

Best Protein Supplement Info Sheet

It didn’t happen overnight but in the end I found Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (found is kinda misleading since a lot of people already knew how good it was).

Now that you can understand why you will find some conflicting statements in some of my older posts I can tell you a bit of why I think Optimum Nutrition is the best protein supplement out there.

I already covered the manufacturing process issues and told you that it is the reason why a food source which wasn’t ideal is turned into a product which is. What I am going to add is that tens of thousands of people have used it and gotten results, so it is very field tested.

There is also the issue of goals. Different products are ideal for different goals. If you’re goal is to build muscle, then this is the best protein supplement for you because it has all the essential amino acids in optimum proportions, it is low in fat and carbs , provides energy quickly and it is easy to digest which means that it will get to your workout worn muscles quickly.

You also have things that I don’t value that much but which other people find important, ie: this protein supplement mixes easily and it comes in a variety of great and tasty flavors.

If you want to get the best price online and also a highly reputable vendor with over 3.000.000 customers worldwide then all you have to do is Click Here

PS: I also recommend you get the 100% Creapure Creatine Monohydrate from Integrated Supplements as it contains creapureTM (this is the highly tested monohydrate form but it is also checked for impurities – which is the only reason side effects are ever reported with creatine).

Best Protein Supplement IS NOT Whey

Posted on: June 7th, 2010

The best protein supplement is not a whey protein supplement. This is a short video I made to outline some of the reasons why whey cannot be the best protein supplement. It touches on the topics of: best protein, how the best protein relates to your protein supplement and how the best protein supplement for you is linked to your blood type.

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You can find more detailed information on my reasons why whey cannot be the best protein supplement by checking this article: Best Protein Supplement and Blood Type.

Best Protein Supplement is… Egg Whites

Posted on: August 25th, 2010

Best Protein Supplement Results

Best Protein Supplement is an egg based protein supplement, this is because the best protein comes from eggs.

If you just want to see the products, click here.

BEST Protein Supplement means: great amino acid profile, great bioavailability, ease of digestibility (different from BV), not allergenic, low fat, low carb, great taste, ease of use, high bang for buck, easy to procure, no preservatives, no artificial flavorings and no fillers.

Purpose: explain why egg whites are the best protein source and why the best protein supplement is made from egg whites.

!!! Please keep in mind that this is just my humble, scientific fact and life experience opinion. Speaking of science, it is not a good idea to start with your hypothesis  in mind (best protein supplement is made from eggs). I am breaking this rule for two reasons:

  1. for the people who just want the bottom line and want to get to work building muscle and getting shredded (ie Show ME the Money, click here to see the only two products I recommend)
  2. because I’ve been over this issue – TO DEATH – and I want to nail the coffin closed once and for all.

Article Summary:
-> protein and amino acid need to knows
-> purpose of a protein supplement
-> what can a protein supplement do for you?
-> protein and blood type connection
-> best protein based on blood type
-> what are the characteristics of the BEST protein source?
-> are egg whites the best protein?
-> what are the characteristics of the BEST protein supplement?
-> which is the best protein supplement – the bottom line


  • is the single most important nutrient for muscle building purposes AND for health building purposes AND for maximizing mental and athletic prowess
  • once water is accounted for muscle is made almost entirely of protein
  • is of paramount importance for the growth and development of virtually all body tissues (organs, skin, blood, hair, nails,muscle)
  • provides the building blocks of hormones and enzymes — these control the growth and workings of EVERYTHING in the body
  • is crucial – you can live without carbohydrates and with only a tiny amount of essential fatty acids, but without protein, you die
  • should provide the 9 Esssential Amino Acids (EAAs) in an ideal human proportion – the 9 EEA’s: valine, leucine, isolucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, phenyalanine, tryptophan and histidine.
  • should contain other conditionally essential amino acids, the most important are: glutamine and arginine (to produce nitric oxide)

Purpose of supplementing with protein

The single purpose a protein supplement has is to provide you with high quality protein. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, creatine, nitric oxyde or essential fatty acids are SECONDARY and not critical.

What can a protein supplement (reasonably) do for you?

  • speed muscle gain
  • prevent muscle breakdown -> once you have muscle a proper protein supplement ensures that you keep it
  • health -> protein isn’t just for building muscle, it has numerous health promoting roles throughout the body (example: promoting a strong immune system)
  • mood -> mental well being is increased when protein requirements are adequate
  • convenience -> it is easier to go to the gym with with a protein shake than with a lunchbox
  • necessity -> sometimes you need to eat and food (good food) isn’t available
  • ease digestive strain -> the best protein supplement is easy to digest and doesn’t tax your body
  • speeds metabolism -> a fast metabolism means you have more energy, heal faster and shed body fat easier
  • cost effectiveness -> just compare the cost of proteins in a pound of fish versus the cost of proteins in a protein supplement
  • balanced amino acids -> having all the essential amino acids in the proper proportions, this isn’t true for all protein supplements, but it is absolutely true for the all round best protein supplement: egg whites protein powder;
  • for quality protein -> some protein sources (including whole foods) don’t offer that much in terms of quality (muscle building) protein
  • concentrated amino acids -> some amino acids are found in low concentrations in food, a protein supplement concentrates them for you;

Protein and Blood Type Connection:

Lectins (link to wiki) are sugar binding proteins. They are found in all protein sources and have the ability to agglutinate/chemically react with the blood specific antigens on the surface of your cells. Being highly specific for their sugar moieties means that they strongly react with some blood types while being totally neutral to others. Lectins are appropriately nicknamed: “causes in searches of disease”.

A protein supplement contains the lectins from the food from which it was produced (eating a whey protein suppelement means you are consuming whey lectins, eating a soy protein supplement means you are consuming soy lectins, same for casein, hemp or rice).

If you eat a protein supplement made from food that contains lectins that react with your blood type you will experiece: food allergy of varying degree of severeness, impaired protein digestion, damage to intestinal lining and inflammation — and even more unpleasantries down the causal chain due to these.

To cut a long story short the best protein source for your protein supplement are egg whites. This is because, of all the others: whey, casein, soy, rice and hemp,  egg whites are the ONLY protein source that isn’t allergenic for ALL blood types. That egg isn’t allergenic is just a nice way of saying that whey, casein, soy etc. ARE allergenic to certain groups of people (ex: casein should be strongly avoided by blood types A and O,  whey should be avoided by both A and O, soy should strongly be avoided by blood type B, etc.).

The absolutely awesome thing is that egg whites are completely safe for almost 100% of the population. So even if you don’t know your blood type you can consume a protein supplement made from egg whites with the certainty that you are not harming yourself. This makes egg whites the best protein source as far as blood type – lectin interactions goes. More info here: protein supplement – blood type connection.

What are the characteristics of the BEST protein source?

The purpose of a protein supplement is to provide you with a quick and easy protein source. The reason you want to have a quick an easy protein source is because it supports your muscle building efforts. If you truly care about getting results then you will want to want to get everything you can going in your favor. This means proper exercise and proper nutrition. The thing with nutrition is that you want to maximize your protein intake. The reason you want to do this is because it allows you to grow at the fastest rate that you can. Besides water, muscle is simply protein. The thing is,

not all protein is created equal…

The main differences are:

  • the amino acid profile i.e.  if the protein source provides all the essential amino acids in a good proportion that is suitable for the human genotype;
  • amino acid availability i.e. is the protein easy to digest and once it is, do those amino acids actually get used to build muscle — one recently surfaced problem with whey for example is that it gets absorbed so fast and so easily than it gets used up as fuel instead of being used to build muscle, check this article if you want to know more).
  • allergenic factor — certain proteins (called lectins) are allergenic to different categories of people – based on their blood type (actually it’s based on the antigens on the surface of their cells, but that’s just me showing off I know what I’m talking about).
  • fat and carbohydrate content — it is best for your protein source to have the minimum amounts of carbs and fat.

What about egg whites as the best protein source

  • a balanced amino acid profile — egg whites show the ultimate amino acid profile, it is perfectly suited for human consumption and ALL other protein sources are contrasted to the amino acid profile of eggs;
  • ease of digestibility — cooked egg whites are very easily digested
  • bioavailability (the amount of protein that is absorbed – about 94% check of the amino acids in cooked egg whites are absorbed)
  • no fat (egg whites have almost 0 grams of fat per 100 grams of raw egg whites)
  • very low carbs (eggs have 1 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of raw egg whites)
  • not allergenic (egg whites are completely safe for almost 100% of the population)
  • no phytohormones (soy for example contains estrogen mimicking hormones – some studies point to the idea that soy phytoestrogens are site/tissue specific and may not affect the human hormonal system, but there is no consensus yet — eggs however do not pose this potential risk)
  • egg whites also contain some trace vitamins and minerals
  • egg whites are cheap)
  • easily incorporated into many recipes

I hope that this has proven that egg whites are the best source of protein for your protein supplement.

What are the characteristics of the BEST protein supplement?

I kinda feel I’m redundant but here are the things that the BEST protein supplement MUST have: great amino acid profile, great bioavailability, ease of digestibility (different from BV), not allergenic, low fat and low carb, pleasant taste, good mixability, high protein per scoop, easy to procure, no preservatives, no artificial flavorings and no fillers.

- high protein per scoop means that 80% or more should be protein;
- no artificial sweeteners (if you don’t know what it’s doing there, it’s not supposed to be there)
- minimum fat and carbs (also remember to pick fructose over glucose);
- stevia is a non caloric, plant based sweetener with no side effects — trust a protein supplement that has it
- isn’t in the high end or low end of the price range
- the protein is properly processed (you gotta look at the manufacturer)
- tastes ok
- mixes well
- it isn’t the newest thing on the market – hype = lies

This last criteria is likely the most important. If the protein supplement you are looking at is touted as the newest thing since spaceships, refrain from buying. Hype equals lies and anyone willing to lie to sell you something will likely go all out to do it, so don’t think: “well, if it promises so much, it must deliver at least a little”, this just doesn’t apply in real life.

Show me the money. What products have you found that meet these criteria?

I have found two products that are worth the money and qualify as the best protein supplement. Click here:  Best Protein Supplements

Protein Supplement – When to Take Your Protein Supplement for Maximum Benefit

Posted on: June 8th, 2010

Protein Supplement Time

The purpose of this article is to answer the following question regarding your protein supplement:

What is the Best Time to Take a Protein Supplement?

Let me start with a quick sidenote and try to warn you of a pitfall: when using a protein supplement you shouldn’t just choose a great tasting protein supplement and then just think of what other things you can mix with it so you can make it even more enjoyable. In other words taste is not a priority. To trully benefit from your protein supplement you really have to look at the times you use it.

Fortunately for you, all the hard work has been done and all the guessing taken out. So, without further delay, I will present to you, in decreasing priority, the best times to use a protein supplement:

Best Time for Protein Supplement

A) first thing after you finish your workout  — often called the post workout meal this is without question the most important meal of your muscle building endeavours.Really, its importance cannot be overstated.

Quick tips: use an easily digestible protein source. If you use a protein supplement make sure it has a high bioavailability. Check out this article if you don’t know exactly what that is. Also, make sure your protein supplement has no fats or carbs in it as this will make digestion more difficult and increase the time amino acids take to reach your muscle cells.

B) first thing in the morning — after sleep your body is in a catabolic state, it needs protein and it needs it fast. Otherwise it will start chowing down on your hard earned muscle. Remember, muscle tissue is highly active metabolic tissue and it is expensive for your body to keep it, so it will start shedding it at the slightest provocation. The same rules as above: use an easily digestible protein source and if you use a protein supplement make sure it doesn’t have any fats or carbs in it. This article will explain why the best protein supplement has no carbs and this one will explain why the best protein supplement has no fat.

C) meal replacement or snack — this is if you are really trying to increase your protein intake. The same idea as above, but I am also going to share a little known tip: if you use a protein supplement, make sure you mix it with water, not milk or juice. This is because your body will digest it easier that way. Pick up a food combining book if you want to know more about this or drop me a line in the comments.

D) before going to bed — This is one of those that really depends on the individual. Most experts on healthy living recommend that you do not eat anything for two hours before bed. The reason being that your digestion will be impaired and food will just sit and rot in your stomach. I personally have found that the best way for me to go to sleep is to eat something before bed and I actually feel good in the morning if I do this. But, like I said this is not a recommended practice. What I would do in your place is simply test this out. Eat an easily digestible protein food before bed for one week and then skip it for another. Note your observations every day and make a decission based on that.

E) pre workout — now this one is actually counter productive and I am quite amazed that there are still people who actually recommend this. See, it goes like this. When you eat something your body will shift its energy expenditure to digestion and as this is a highly energy consuming process you will have less energy to exercise and make your workout less productive. Not only that, but exercising after you eat is simply unpleasant and unnatural. The only exercise you should undertake after any meal is a nice walk. That’s it.

Just to reiterate: A) is the best time to use a protein supplement and E) is the worst. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to a healthy physique in no time. But wait, this isn’t the whole story. Check out: Best Protein Supplement Blueprint – the most complete and up to date protein supplement guide in existence. Click here: Best Protein Supplement is…

All the best,

Best Protein Supplement Guide – The Blueprint

Posted on: June 9th, 2010

Best Protein Supplement - The Blueprint

So, you want to find out what the best protein supplement is?

I’ve got you covered!

!!! Due to recent inquiries I am delaying the completion of this article. Click here to find a general answer (blood type specificity included) on what is the best protein supplement: Best Protein Supplement is… Egg whites

On this page I will give you a step by step process which will enable you to zero in on your best protein supplement.

It will contain ALL the resources and ALL the information you need.

NOTE: this site has been optimized to give you a great user experience, if you click on each link as it is presented to you in the article copy you will always be redirected to exactly where you need to be next. Feel free to skip things that you know and just click forward.

Let’s start with selecting the best protein

People always want to find out what the best of anything is. When it comes to things that you use as food the problem gets even more tricky than it usually is. In the case of choosing the best protein supplement this is due to metabolic individuality, the fact that marketers lie a lot and the fact that there is much conflicting information out there.

So how do you get around all these issues?

The first thing you need to do is discover what the best protein is for you. In order to do this you must first understand the link between the best protein and blood type.

Why is blood type important when selecting the best protein for your protein supplement?

Your blood type determines what sort of markers you have on the surface of your cells. Certain substances can cause these markers to bind to one another, essentially agglutinating these cells. Such substances are lectins.

Lectins are a class of protein who have been dubbed: “causes in search of disease”.

Lectins are found in all common protein sources be they animal or plant based.

Quote from wikipedia:
“The toxicity of lectins have been identified by consumption of food with high content of lectins, which can lead to diarrhoea, nausea, bloating, and vomiting.”

Lectins are blood type specific meaning they will react with some blood types and be totally neutral to others. This is why it is important to know which protein sources you must avoid.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear is that the best protein supplement is not whey. The best protein for most individuals actually comes from egg whites, see Best Protein Supplement is… Egg whites

Now that you have selected what the best protein for you is, it’s time to choose your protein supplement. In order to do this you must first become aware of what you want to use it for. There are two main reasons: health and building muscle.

After you have selected your protein supplement it is time for you to select the best protein supplement.

In other words, you are now at a point where you need the fine point information that will enable you to select an actual physical product. Here I will be discussing things like amino acid profile, bioavailability, price, mixability and taste. I will be prioritizing these facts and also going a little into additives, sugar versus glucose, carbs and fats requirements, method of extraction. I have also prioritized them so you will see that as far as the best protein supplement goes: mixability and taste receive a lower importance.

The first page will be dedicated to amino acid profile: Best Protein Supplement and Amino Acid Profile
…. (work in progress)

Feel free to skip these and just go straight through to recommendations -> Best Protein Supplements

You now have in your possession a checklist through which you can pass any and all protein supplements and decide for yourself what the best protein supplement is for you — with full confidence in the fact that you are now making an informed decision.

All the best,

Damian Alexander

The Most Harmful Protein Supplement – Don’t Sabotage Your Results and Your Health by Using It

Posted on: June 17th, 2010
Best Protein Supplement

Best Protein Supplement

I know that a lot of people think that casein is a very good source of protein to have in your protein supplement inventory. What I am going to be doing in this article is debunking this idea with a few clear points.

Why I think casein is not that good to be used a protein powder:

The first reason that I do not like casein is that a lot of people are allergic to it. What you may not know is that there are different types of allergies out there. Two people can be allergic to the same substance, yet their reactions could be quite different. In the case of casein you have both a blood type allergic reaction, and also a quite high percentage of people that are classically allergic to this protein.

The second reason that I do not like to use a protein powder that is based on casein is that it is very hard to digest. Now, a lot of people will tell you that casein is a slow release protein and that it can be used to provide a steady flow of amino acids in your blood. What they fail to tell you is that casein, by being so hard to digest, due to its structural properties, taxes the body. In other words it uses too many enzymes and energy when it is broken down.

The third reason I do not like casein has to do with the way it is processed. You see, casein is very sensitive to heat and the protein it contains can easily be denaturated. Unfortunately many of even the most expensive brands fall short on this process. For these reasons I think casein should not be used as a protein supplement.

If you want to learn what is the best protein supplement then all you have to do is Click Here.

Best Protein Supplement for Getting Shreded

Posted on: June 4th, 2010
Best Protein Supplement

Best Protein Supplement and Carbs

Best protein supplement for getting shredded is one that has minimum carbs and fats.

A question that comes up is:

Should the best protein supplement have carbs and fat in it?

The answer is a big fat NO, the best protein supplement should have the minimum amounts of carbs and fat, here is why:

  • carbs and fat are for bodybuilders
  • the carbs and fats from a protein supplement are detrimental for your body
  • your body is not good at digesting combination’s
  • your digestive capacity is limited
  • you need to speed up amino acid uptake

In this two part article I am going to break down this question into two parts. In this article I will address the issue of: should the best protein supplement have carbs in it? and in the next I will be discussing: should the best protein supplement have fat in it?

Let’s get going.

If you spend any time on bodybuilding forums or any other place that has any sort of advice on which is the best protein supplement you will most certainly find out that the best protein supplement has to have huge amounts of carbs. The reasons they give for the high amounts of carbs are:

- energy, so that you can replenish glycogen stores;

- the insulin spike effect, this has two reasons behind it: insulin promotes anabolism (thought to help the building of muscle) and insulin improves amino acid uptake.

Let me address them in order.First off, you don’t need to replenish your glycogen stores, here’s why:

Your body already has stores of fat that it can convert to carbs and use that to replenish your glycogen stores — you don’t need to give it any more;

NOTE: There are people who have legitimate reasons to think they might need carbs in their protein supplement. Those are the people that keep their body fat levels in the single digit, BUT even those people might not actually require it. You see, if you eat 6 meals a day, you don’t need a protein supplement to give you carbs. No, all that your protein supplement needs to do is provide you with amino acids. Amino acids from the best protein that works for you that is.

So stop thinking that you need all those carbs for energy, here’s a great quote: man can survive on one third of his food intake, the rest of that food goes to feed disease.

You are already overfed, trust me, we all are. The abundance of food that exists guarantees that you are never at a loss for calories. And I will tell you something else, all these years on a high calorie diet has made your metabolism inefficient, it doesn’t get all the energy it could from the food you eat.

And now you’re gonna give it even more carbs and fat? this isn’t smart at all. Trust me, if you keep your bodies protein needs met you will keep gaining muscle — fats and carbs are never gonna be, for normal people, a limiting factor in their development.

Now let me tell you where the origin of this myth is. It comes from body builders. If you’re a body builder and you do nothing else but work hard in the gym day in day out, this sort of thing can be a problem and can limit your progress, but for normal people like you and me this sort of issue will NEVER come up. So stop worrying about your carb intake, those are just empty calories. Eat some damn chocolate, it is actually better for you because it actually stands a chance to have some nutritional value on top of its macro nutrient value — such as vitamins, minerals and chocolate polyphenols.

So if you really feel that you need energy, eat the chocolate and let your protein supplement be free of fats and carbs.

Best Protein Supplement

Best Protein Supplement and Carbs

Also, don’t try to folloiw body builders advice. If you look at them for most of the year, off season , they are fat, this is what this sort of nutrition produces. Unless you want to be a bodybuilder you are going to have to follow a different nutritional protocol.

Now off to the second reason why people think they should have carbs in their protein supplement:

The Almighty Insulin Spike.

First off, let me clarify one thing. An insulin spike is a negative thing. Yes!

Have you heard of the glycemic index? Its whole basis is on avoiding insulin spikes as they screw with your blood sugar balance and have all sorts of far reaching negative consequences on your body.

In any other place except the body building comunity an insulin spike has negative value associated with it. Body builders are not healthy. If you want to have a beautifull physique, even after you reach forty, the body building approach is not the way to go.

And besides, while it is true that an insulin spike increases the amount of amino acids that are absorbed by your bodies cells, it also greatly increases the storage of fat — that’s why body builders have those attractive round bellies in the off season. See left.

Insulin tells your body to stop using fat for fuel and to convert the suger in your blood to fat. This is done because high levels of blood sugar are bad for your body. Ask anyone suffering from diabetes and he’ll tell you all about the benefits of high blood sugar (blindness, nerve damage, premature aging).

AND FURTHERMORE, you should realize that a high amino acid meal has the ability, in itself, to raise the level of insulin. Your body does this so that the amino acids are absorbed by the cells (in this case the damaged muscle cells you have after an intense workout).Your body has the ability to absorb virtually all the protein you give it in just this simple manner.

I am going to exclude here virtually unheard of cases, of protein abuse. So, not only do you not need carbs for the insulin spike, but the insulin spike from carbs will promote fat storage, and health problems. So cut that carb out of your protein supplement. You don’t need it, only bodybuilders might need it.

I hope this article has enlightened you on the “benefits” of having carbs in your protein supplement. The take home is that the best protein supplement should have the minimum possible amount of carbs.

Like I said before: the best protein supplement for getting shredded AND the best protein supplement for building muscle mass AND the best protein supplement for weight loss have one thing in common:

Minimum Levels of Carbs… and Fat.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of this article here: Best Protein Supplement and Carbs Comments

This brings me to my next article: Best Protein Supplement — should it contain fats?

All the best

Best Protein Supplement and Blood Type

Posted on: June 3rd, 2010

Best Protein Supplement and Your Blood

Best protein supplement and Your Blood Type – Find out what ties the selection of the best protein supplement for you to your  blood group

Let me clean up some misunderstandings:

The best protein supplement is not a whey protein supplement.

In truth, for about 88% of white individuals, a whey protein supplement is TOXIC.

So, if you are white and using a whey protein supplement, you have an 88% chance to be doing yourself uncoerced injury.

!! This is my personal contribution to the protein supplement debate. Even though I now know that this is a critical issue, I have not seen it addressed anywhere. I am telling you this so that you give this article the proper attention it merits.

The role of this article is to illuminate the relation between the best protein supplement and your individual blood type.

Key points:
·    the hidden link between your blood type and the best protein supplement
·    what does your blood type have to say about your protein supplement
·    the blood type lectin link
·    lectins and the best protein supplement
·    why you should believe me
·    bringing the parts together

Lectin Agglutinating Other Molecules

Introducing lectins

Lectins are proteins. They are found in different foods and they have the capacity to chemically react with your blood based on the specific antigens that are found on your red blood cells surface.

When you eat lectins that are incompatible with your blood type you create digestive, metabolic and immune distress. The base for this distress is that lectins will make your blood cells, as well as other cells, bind to each other. I’m certain you can understand how having lumps of cells travelling through your body can have many and far reaching consequences. The way lectins do this is by binding themselves to the antigens found on the surface of your cells. Antigens are chemical structures that are unique to each blood group and serve to differentiate friend from foe.

And this has what to do with picking out the best protein supplement?

A protein supplement incorporates the lectins from the food from which it was created.

And So, if you consume a protein supplement which was produced from food that responds disadvantageously with your blood type you will sustain effects like: allergic reactions, impaired protein digestion, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, damage to intestinal lining, immune system inhibition and many more.

I don’t believe this, 88% is just too high a number? Where did you come up with this?
White population by blood type:
Type O – 47 %
Blood Type A – 41%
B Blood Type – 9 %
Blood Type AB – 3% ( information source, directly from my high school anatomy class book)

Type O and Type A should not consume either whey or casein as it contains lectins that react gravely with their blood type — source, a very well referenced and popular nutritional science book which I will be listing later for suspension reasons.
!! the above presented data is proven scientific fact, explore this issue for yourself — it is well worth the time.
47 (from blood type O) + 41 (from Blood Type A) = 88% of the white population – is discouraged to consume neither whey or casien – these two are the most usually cited as: “best protein supplement” protein supplements on the planet.

Protein - Molecular Structure

So think about this!

If the best protein supplement is the protein that acts best for you, and the most favorited protein supplement, whey, is not good for about 88% of the white population, how can a whey protein supplement be the best protein supplement?

It can’t be. A whey protein supplement CANNOT be the best protein supplement.

I’m not seeking to scare anyone so let me add some clarifications:
- for type O, casein is worse than whey;  if you are a healthy type O, you can consume whey once in a while and be free of symptoms; you should not consume casein in the least even if you are healthy;
- for type A, the same rule as for O, with one exception, there is a 15% probability that whey will be neutral for you, but you have to test for this;
!! please don’t make the assumption that just because you are a healthy type O you should consume whey, it is still detrimental for you. Eating a plate of french fries won’t kill you, but it nevertheless has bad effects on your body. Why should you lessen your results when there are choices that are actually advantageous for you? For example for the type O, beef has a positive effect on health. Just drop out that whey and consume beef if your blood type is O. This is not true for blood type A.

What you have to understand here is that this is more significant than it is given credit. You see people on forums posting and talking about the best protein supplement without realising that:
1 the best protein supplement is a concept based on the best protein
2 the best protein is a meaningless concept because all people don’t react well to all protein – permit me to articulate this again:

No protein is effective for everybody, so there is no such thing as the best protein, or the best protein supplement.

Take this to heart :
The best protein supplement is the protein supplement that is best for YOU.
And what is beneficial for you is bad for someone else, so the  concept of the best protein supplement is total marketing hype.

This article has been an introduction into the link between the best protein supplement and blood type. It will be expanded upon in a future article: Best Protein Supplement and Blood Type – selecting the best protein supplement for your blood type.

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Damian Alexander

PS: If you’re thinking to yourself: how can this be reliable, how come nobody talks about this? Then just recall how many preservatives and artificial flavorings you are still eating TODAY — and the toxicity of these chemical compounds has been known  for about, ohhh, let’s say a conservative couple of decades. Also, Check Out: Best Protein Supplement is…

Best Protein Supplement Advice You Will EVER Receive

Posted on: June 1st, 2010

Best Protein Supplement Ninja Advice

Obviously I can’t give this to you just like that, I have to set the scene.

I learned the best protein supplement advice I ever got from tv, and not really tv, but what they didn’t show on tv.

One night a proeminent nutritionsist in my country was asked:

If you had one piece of advice to give consumers regarding healthy eating what woulld it be?

…and what he said was never shown on tv.

BUT, the people on the set, realizing the value of his comment, leaked it onto the internet.

The advice was:

Never buy anything that is marketed!! If there is a commercial for it — buy something else.

Let me clarify this.

You see, every year hundrends of billions of dollars are spent on advertising. The protein supplement business si no different and ussually, the biggest selling products are the products which have the biggest marketing budgets.
It’s not quality , it’s not word of mouth, it’s how much they sunk into the advertising budget that determines the best protein supplement nowadays.

Some people say the internet has changed that, I say it is only apparently so.

Look at the top 10 google results you get for the best protein supplement.

Do you think they are not commercially driven? Do you honestly think that they are not there because someone paid good money to get them up there? You’d be naive if you did.

There are of course exceptions (this site for one), but rest assured that for the most part, the top 10 google results, be they for protein supplement or any other words people are searching for are there for commercial reasons.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs since for most people the top 10 results are the only things that they ever check out. And these are nearly 100 percent commercially driven, either directly or indirectly.

Think about it. What could prompt a person to spend time and money (it costs money to own and operate a site), if he wasn’t expecting some sort of economic reward.

Worse yet, do you think that google results aren’t a function of money. The top ranked people are ussually the one’s with the biggest sites, and the biggest budgets sunked into those sites. And they have to make a profit some how and if the truth were to get in front of their profit truth would quickly have to get out of the way. The top 10 results for the best protein supplement or protein supplement are a testament to this.

But there is a positive side to the story: many things are free on the internet. You can have a site up for nothing — problem is no one willl believe it is legitimate or that you know what you are talking about. There  are free places to post videos (but who will watch them among the cesspool of irelevant videos) and there is so much free information (general, run of the mok info that is simply meant to direct you towards a place to buy something).

But what the hell does this have to do with the best protein supplement?

Well simply this:
the best protein supplement is ussually the one with the biggest promotions, the flashy names and the most “guru’s” promoting it.

But is it really the best protein supplement? No, they are the biggest commercially viable products.

Anytime someone is making a profit he is biased towards promoting that product, even if the product is good. But if the profit margin is high, and it has to be in order to support all that advertising and adwords and site maintenance and affiliate partners and video traffic — which costs a lot –

…AND for profit maargins to be good, the actual product has to be cheap.

This is not to say: buy the most expensive product and you will be fine, far form it, the most expensive products as well as the cheapest products should never be bought.


Instead, do your research, don’t just buy the first best protein supplement buy button your mouse comes upon.

Read a bit on the subject find out what makes a protein supplement the best protein supplement. And NEVER EVER TRUST THE ADVERTISING

…check the labes, check the reputation, ask for the opinion of people who are not affiliated with any product — like me for example. I make no money from recommending a supplement over another. I make money by providing accurate, complete and truthfull information.

This applies to almost all things, not just a protein supplement you understand.

Ok, so take these words to heart and never buy anything that is adwords advertised, the stuff is ussually pushed onto newbies and they take in all sort of chemicals and crappy products thinking it’s the product that makes all the difference, it is not. Want to know what REALLY makes all the difference:

EDUCATION, knowledge about the subject,

And you know something else, the biggest real gains — for normal people, not the genetiallly gifted or those that use sterois or other anabolics — don’t go past about a pound a week — that’s about half a kilogram per week.

If you ever see a protein supplement that advertises gains that are more than that, they are hype. You are either putting on water (not healthy), or you are putting on fat (even less healthy).
If you want lean muscle mass, then realize than no protein supplement, even the best protein supplement for you, is not going to  reallistically help you put on more than half a pound a week in the long run.

…and that is IF you know what you are doing.

I think that this sad state of affairs is most true with americans, a people who seem to form their opinions based on how many “experts” subscribe to a dogma or another. The process goes like this:

Experts a b and c say product x is the greatest, experts d e f g and h say product Y is the best protein supplement, 3 is smaller than 5 so this means that product Y is the greatest protein supplement, whiupe out credit card and buy.

These are the same people who can’t read an article in its entirety and just look for the highlights and take that as the whole story. Not smart, in fact it is a pretty dumb thing.

I hope this article has taught you to pay very careful attention to where you buy your protein supplement and who you take your advice from.

I would appreciate your thoughts, comments and feedback on this article. Leave a comment bellow and tell me what you thought of this article.

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